Interview with talented actress Natalija Ugrina


Natalija Ugrina is an actress living in Los Angeles, but originally from beautiful Croatia. She traveled a lot around the globe and saw many beautiful places in the world, but she says for an actress there is no better place than Hollywood.

Natalija, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?

I started acting back when I was living in Rome, but my first serious beginning was when I moved to LA and enrolled in “The Lee Strasberg Institute”. I was always interested in Method Acting and I can say it truly changed my life and made me the person I am today.

Where do you think is the best place to be an actor and why?

I still think there is no better place than Hollywood for an actor but cities like Atlanta, New Orleans and Toronto are trending as well because lots of productions are moving out there.

If you have the right training, talent, and passion, you can be an actor from anywhere, since lots of auditions are being done online these days.

What are your best projects to date?

I enjoyed working on the movie “The Other” which won 27 awards so far, Chinese movie “Hollywood Adventures”, music videos for band 5 Seconds of Summer and rapper Action Bronson, hosting travel show “Dulce Viaje” and being the face of the clothing brand “Sagii International”. My career has been very colorful and full of different projects so far and that’s why I love it!

How did acting change your life?

I never wanted to be a “regular” grown up and acting gave me the freedom to be an eternal child and always keep playing. Every day is different in actor’s life and every project makes you learn new things and to visit new places. I feel blessed, and just in 2017 between acting and modeling, I visited 13 new countries.

Do you have any interesting film or TV projects coming up?

So far, I have two feature films lined up which will take me across the US but I can’t disclose the titles yet. I am also producing my own feature, so stay tuned! 🙂