Hollywood’s “Transformational Success Coach” gives last masterclass in London


Actors and artists who want to achieve greater success in their career need to move fast to book the last spots on Bernard Hiller’s London Transformational Masterclass. Held from 4-7 September 2023, this is the internationally renowned acting and life coach’s last masterclass for a while, before he flies back to LA to coach Lindsay Lohan on her next Netflix movie. He’s worked with her on her last two projects.

Bernard is also gearing up to film and produce his script ‘Brundibar’, with Andy Serkis (‘Venom’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Lord of the Rings’) directing. Bernard has worked with and coached actors including Cameron Diaz, Jeff Goldblum, LL Cool J and Evan Peters, as well as helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and business people find their unique path to greater communication and success. 

Previous attendees at his masterclasses have described it as a life-changing experience with lasting results. Known by some as a ‘transformational wizard’, Bernard has been holding masterclasses in London for the past 18 years with the aim of helping actors, artists and business people discover their true potential. His revolutionary methods and techniques get them to the next level in their careers, and he also brings actors to the attention of Hollywood and the London film industry. Bernard said: “In the London Masterclass I always find amazing British actors that I bring to meet the Hollywood industry. Several of them are now working here, and some are even living in LA.”

Photo credit: Kim Hardy

Bernard began his showbusiness career 35 years ago in Broadway musicals, before moving to LA and training some of the finest actors in film and television. This summer he appeared at the Ischia Global Fest film festival in Italy and also led a massive event at Mindvalley in Tallinn, Estonia, where he was considered the best transformational speaker.

Quotes from participants included:

“Absolutely amazing and life-changing.”

“So charismatic and impactful.”

“Truly a profound experience. I felt this seminar more than any other allowed me to go deep, create a shift in my energy, my patterns and my life.”

“Hands down, the best talk I ever heard.”

Bernard’s masterclasses include emotional exercises, dance, scene study, character development, business skills and more. He also often invites industry guests to speak – past guests include Baz Luhrmann, Bryan Cranston and Al Pacino. 

Bernard said: “We cover everything that is stopping you from living 100% of your potential. From blocks and fears to creating a path for your success. No one has ever come out of these classes the same that they came in. It’s pure transformation.”

Photo credit: Karen Harms

He continued: “People are like an orchestra. They must find different parts of themselves, so they play in harmony. I teach my actors to lean into their vulnerability, be led by their heart, and act from their instincts. This profession requires us to run towards who we really are, not run away from it. I prepare them to be the actors of the future.”

Last year, Bernard published his book, ‘The Revolutionary Guide To Acting’, which shot to number 1 on Amazon and is now available in Spanish. It provides the success secrets that movie stars and top CEOs know and, most importantly, helps the reader overcome doubts and negativity that have prevented them from living the life and career they’ve always desired. This book will transform your thinking. 

Participants can book their place on the September masterclass at: https://bernardhiller.com/acting-classes/london/. Space is limited and there is an interview process.

Featured photo credit: Paul Zimmer