Arrowverse Crossover had lots to offer, but nobody expected – a Gay Love Story


DC fans finally got to see the Crisis on Earth-X – a crossover between TV series Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and the feelings on how the things went down are mixed.

If you are not a fan of all 4 shows it might be a bit difficult to pay attention, unless you watch all 4 episodes of each TV show in order.

The crossover started with a crashed wedding of the Flash – Barry Allen, and his love, Iris. It eventually ended with two weddings, but what was really exciting, was the implied love story on Earth-X between two gay characters.

Not just because we love Leonard Snart (and his Snarky Snarkisms), who, in the recent crossover came back as Citizen Cold of Earth-X (instead of Captain Cold from Flash and first season’s Legends of Tomorrow), but because a superhero TV show finally had the guts to show two gay superheroes in love.

It also helped that the characters were played by openly gay actors, beautiful Prison Break hunk Wentworth Miller and Russell Tovey, the star of Looking and The Pass. Wentworth’s Captain Cold was a fan favourite in Season 1 of the Legends, who unfortunately died when the season ended, but returned on multiple occasions, thanks to the storyline involving time travel. Started out in the Flash as Barry’s nemesis and the one forcing Flash to reveal himself to the world, he ended up as a Legend, sacrificing himself to save his friends. Because Captain Cold won’t have no strings on him!

Fans were happy to see him again in the role of Citizen Cold from Earth-X, this time a hero, since all our usual heroes are bad Nazis. We didn’t expect anything else from Snart, but to be the rebel, and we certainly didn’t expect him to be in a relationship with a man, another superhero, Russell Tovey as The Ray, who has the ability to manipulate light and was introduced to Arrowverse for the first time in Flash’s episode of the crossover.

Like Wentworth, Tovey is openly gay, what only makes their kissing scenes even more epic and caused positive reactions on social media.

This was not the only gay reference in the Crossover however, as Sara Lance, Legends of Tomorrow character woke up in bed with Supergirl’s Alex Denvers. This was also not the only time we’ve seen Sara with a woman, but funnily enough, end of Season 1, they had a thing with our Earth’s Snart as well…

We, for one, are applauding the brave move of Primetime TV to show gay superheroes to be just as normal as any other, which can help increase the realisation that homosexuality is a natural part of this world and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

See the Crossover trailer here: