Best show revivals that happened (and hopefully will happen)


The last couple of years are filled with the revivals of our favourite shows that ran either a few years ago, or a very long time ago. Remember when Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper: See you again in 25 years?

Well, we actually got Twin Peaks back but more than 25 years after.

Twin Peaks was not the only anticipated revival, David Duchovny (mentioned because he was in Twin Peaks original and its return) reprised his role in The X-Files, which didn’t just come back in 2016, but it still continues as we speak (well, write) with its 11th season commenced on January 3rd 2018.

Other great shows that were revived in 2017 were Will and Grace and it’s funnier we’d imagined. The original cast, including Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally are all back with their fun characters and with the age of Trump (of course a show cantered on gays cannot go without touching his election), it’s got great potential.


Gilmore Girls revival came out in 2016, with Lorelai and Rory back with their issues. Fans were hoping for additional seasons, but so far that doesn’t seem likely. But we can always hope.


Full House is another successful sitcom coming back now even fuller (Fuller House). 3rd season premiered exactly 30 years after Full House pilot back in the late 80s and I don’t know about you, but it makes us here feel old!

Fans were urging Obama to bring back Arrested Development, and they seem to succeeded when in 2013 the show was back on Netflix. It looks like there’s more coming and surely no one will ever say “We’ve made a huge mistake” by bringing it back! Hopefully, it’s not just words…


It’s a strange nostalgia, these revivals makes us feel and we’re happy there’s more in the talks.

For example, Prison Break, not just that its last season aired in 2017, reviving Michael Scofield with its return, but there’s an official word out there that all new Prison Break is in the works!

Roseane is due to kick off with its brand new episodes in March 2018, having its original cast returning.

Kristen Bell is saying there will be a Veronica Mars revival as well. We’re happy we got some kind of closure with the movie in 2014, but having the (now all grown up) teen private detective back in the affluent town of Neptune solving mysteries sounds exciting for us!


Deadwood, 24 and Roswell are also in the talks to be revived.

Let’s see what happens, we’ll keep you posted with any updates!