Acting coach working with Lindsay Lohan on her Netflix film comes to London


Acting coach Bernard Hiller, who’s worked with celebrities and actors around the world including Cameron Diaz, is holding his Breakthrough Masterclasses in London this week (September 16-18). He’s also celebrating the publication of his new book, ‘The Revolutionary Guide To Acting’, which has shot to number 1 on Amazon, helping actors to live their dreams. He talks about how the best actors are vulnerable, what we can all learn from the craft of acting, and the Oscar-winners who share their secrets at his classes…

Where can people attend your classes? 

I have several upcoming Breakthrough Masterclasses in London from 16-18 September (book at Then I’m in Madrid, then in Rome, and I have my LA International Masterclass happening in the middle of December. At my last class I had 55 actors attending from 25 countries. In my LA Masterclass, I invite all of my best actors, from around the world, for an intensive week-long experience. They are full-day workshops, involving dance, emotional exercises, scene study, character development, business skills and a whole lot more. We also have industry guests attend this class, including Oscar-winning actors, directors and casting directors, who want to share their wisdom. My students say that my classes are transformational. 

Which celebrities have come to your class in the past?

We’ve had special guests like Baz Luhrmann, Bryan Cranston, Al Pacino, Andy Serkis and Bruce Dern. In fact, Bruce Dern wants to teach with me – he said he hadn’t seen an acting class like mine in over 50 years! 

Photo credit Taili Song Roth

Who are you working with at the moment?

I’m working with Lindsay Lohan for her new project she’s doing for Netflix. 

How is your teaching different from other acting coaches’? 

The way I teach focuses on embracing all the different parts of yourself so that your performances reflect who you truly are. You show the world your core! The best actors I work with don’t mask or escape into the role they’re performing. They delve into their characters and their own flaws, shortcomings and imperfections. People connect with that. I teach my students to lean into their vulnerability, be led by their heart, and act from their instincts. This profession requires us to run towards who we really are, not run away from it. That’s what I help my students discover as they grow in their craft. I prepare them to be the actors of the future.

Photo credit: Adrian Grand

Your new book ‘The Revolutionary Guide To Acting’ has just come out – tell us all about it.

‘The Revolutionary Guide To Acting’ covers three different areas – the craft, oneself, and the business. Other books will cover one of these, but here I cover all three. To flourish in showbusiness or any other business, you must be an expert in all these areas. It’s what makes the difference between failure and success. Success is not an accident! You have to know what you’re doing. This book teaches you what you need to do in order to surpass your goals and dreams.

Who would benefit from reading your new book?

Anyone who is looking to better their current circumstances. This is an acting book, but it really fits all individuals who want to know what roles they need to play in life, in order to succeed. This book has exercises and lessons that one can use to get into the right frame of mind in order to break through blocks, doubts and fears. This is what is holding artists, actors and creatives back from achieving what they truly desire. This is for anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to work with me – either one-on-one or in my masterclasses – and who wants a chance to see what my students around the world have accessed for the past 30 years.

Featured photo credit: Adrian Grand