Audrey L’Ebrellec stars in a feature film Midnight on the Borough


Audrey is one of the main characters of a new feature film, created by G and T Pictures. Imagine, it’s New Year’s Eve and two jilted strangers with nowhere to go make a pact to make the most of the last hour of the year and not let love and lust get in the way, but as the minutes ebb away to midnight they form an unlikely bond that threatens to break their pact.


Midnight on the Borough is another interesting film you are involved in. Who would you recommend to see this film and why?


“Midnight on the Borough” is a romantic comedy about two strangers meeting in London on NYE after being dumped and deciding to make the most of the evening together. It’s a romantic comedy with some dark twists exploring themes as loneliness, a relationship between men and women, the impact of your professional life over your privacy. So everyone with a taste for romantic comedies and who loves London would enjoy it.



Can you introduce us the role you are playing in the movie and how does this role relate to you, if so?


I play Corinne is a French photographer, a bit neurotic and workaholic.Because of her work, she spends her life traveling and so finds herself enable to be in a stable relationship. She wants to appear as this strong and independent woman but in fact, she is quite vulnerable and always missing opportunities to be happy.


Some aspects of Corinne’s personality are quite close to mine, and then her search for happiness is something really touching that I can absolutely relate to, and I think everybody else can too. The desire to be happy, all the obstacles we create on our own because we are scared to finally be happy. Corinne’s journey in the film is really beautiful and I can’t wait to share it with the audience.



What are your upcoming projects you are looking forward to?


Absolutely looking forward to starting working on “Midnight on the Borough” and “The Catch”, and as well on a personal project I’m working on with another actor, Yusuf Bhaimia. We are working on developing a miniseries about an organisation of assassins in London. We are currently writing the first episode and looking in discussion with a production team. And we hope starting filming beginning 2018.