Stuntman David Cheung showcases breakthrough appearance in ‘Barbie’ movie


The highly anticipated release of the upcoming Barbie movie just got even more exciting, as David Cheung has become the first and only Chinese stuntman to portray a Ken in the movie. Barbie the movie, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Greta, produced by Margot Robbie and starring Ryan Gosling promises to be a cinematic experience like no other, celebrating love, friendship, and embracing individuality.

This groundbreaking achievement brings fresh diversity and representation to the world of cinema, highlighting the importance of inclusion and equal opportunities for actors of all ethnic backgrounds. In the beach battle scene, Ken and his fellow Kens engage in a thrilling confrontation, filled with stunt sequences and adrenaline-pumping action. Among other things, he can be seen having a ‘beach off’ and throwing frisbees during the Barbie movie beach battle scene.

David on the ‘Barbie’ set.

This milestone achievement is a testament to the changing landscape of Hollywood, where representation and diversity are becoming increasingly integral to storytelling. Furthermore, just recently, David Cheung took part in a thought-provoking panel discussion on the topic of ethnicity and the casting of Asian actors in modern cinema at the exclusive San Diego Comic-Con. Speaking passionately about the significance of diverse representation, the panel emphasized the need for equal opportunities and the importance of authentic portrayals, highlighting the power of cinema in reshaping societal narratives.

What other stars have you worked with and what were the projects?

Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, (Mortdecai) Taylor Lautner (Cuckoo) Chris Evans (Avengers age of Ultron) Dr Strange 2 (Benedict Cumberbatch) Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Junior) Mark Ruffalo (Now You See Me 2) Keanu Reeves (47 Ronin) Star Wars Andor

David on the ‘Barbie’ set.

Who have you worked with on the Barbie movie set and how did it feel to be there? 

It felt like a barbie land because we were in a blue and pink built beach set with so many bright colours and funny items like tennis rackets and inflatables as weapons.

“Being a part of Barbie the movie has been an absolute honor and a dream come true, I hope that my role as a Ken inspires aspiring actors of all ethnic backgrounds and encourages the industry to continue working towards greater diversity and inclusion.”

Being on the Barbie set was really surreal; everything was so bright! The cast and crew were all having the best time and it was a really good laugh. Every take had something to laugh about and our fight scenes were extremely comedic, flamboyant and completely different to the more serious action movies I’ve performed in.

Have you seen the film yet? 

Yes. I saw the film first at the cast and crew screening in London’s Leicester Square. 

Where exactly can we see you in the film? 

“You can see me  at the beach battle, throwing a frisbee, riding a fake horse and fighting with other stunt Kens.”

Featured photo credit: Natalia P