Monaco-based influencer Niloo Poodinehi talks 2024 fashion trends


Niloo Poodinehi is a Monte Carlo-based fashion influencer and business owner with an astonishing 1.5m followers on Instagram. The Persian-Dutch style maven loves elegant, luxurious fashion, and her Insta account shows her dressed in beautiful gowns attending countless special occasions, often accompanied by members of the Monaco royal family. She has a master’s degree in psychology, has worked in property development, and is CEO of the company Niloo Monte Carlo Concept. Here Niloo tells us about what will be big in fashion this year, and the surprising shades she’ll be wearing to all those high-end events…

What’s the fashion scene like in Monaco? 

“Monaco is a fashion paradise. All the chic events and the exceptional weather encourage people to adapt and regularly change their outfits.”

“There is an appreciation of beauty and glamour, which makes Monaco unique and exclusive.”

“It’s where you can find all the high fashion houses as well as the major brands, jewellery, watches, cars… There are many wealthy foreigners in Monaco and therefore a mix of cultures and different styles. Designers have a dream audience in Monaco, because clothes and fashion are so important to people here.” 

Tell us about the most stylish and influential people. 

“For more than half a century, Monaco has been a country where glamour is everywhere and people really like to dress up. The royal family encapsulates the elegance of the principality. Princesses Charlene, Pauline, Camille, Caroline and Stephanie all have a refined style and all act as brand ambassadors of different designers. Honestly, I would say that fashion in Monaco is everywhere and everything: people here love to dress up from morning to evening, even if they’re just going for coffee.”

“Beauty is a way of life here, and of course one of our greatest fashion influencers is Grace Kelly.”

What fashion trends and colours are going to be big in 2024?

“2024 is a year where we are seeing a return to safe values – suits and shorts where we emphasise the elegance of women, along with some glamour of course. The 2024 woman assumes responsibility for herself and her femininity. I’ve always loved colour, and this year I’ll be wearing cherry and purple shades, along with the classic black and white.”

What upcoming fashion projects are you working on?

“Every day is different for me, depending on my work, obligations, gala dinners, charity events and of course the weather! I’m continuing to develop my own fashion line, ‘Niloo Monte Carlo Concept’, but I’m taking my time and creating what suits me and what I think is beautiful and elegant. A collection requires some reflection, and I have no room for error – I want it to be exactly what I like and what I want to wear. In parallel with my fashion project I continue to collaborate on projects related to interior architecture. I love dressing a room, both in terms of layout and also with objects, furniture and colours.”

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