November Cover – Simonetta Lein, the Wishmaker


Simonetta Lein, a style, and fashion expert having her own clothing line, celebrity representing brands and modeling at NYFW, as The Wishmaker and founder of The Wishwall Foundation impacting the community and the world with The Wishwall and as a Millennial leader entrepreneur expert in women empowerment. Simonetta shared her fashion tips to a few televisions in the USA and been featured in many magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Elle, Forbes, Metro New York, Splash Magazine plus much more and now for the first time in Hollywood Stage Magazine. In the interview, she shared few important pieces of advice and we even find out she is planning to have her own TV show!



Simonetta, you are an influencer, a Celebrity Wishmaker, founder of the Wishwall Foundation, a fashion icon, writer, model, social media expert and more. How can you manage to do so many occupations? You must be a superwoman!

I made a vow: to try and leave this place a bit better than how I found it. It might seem easy to say but in reality it is very hard to do. However, this mission motivates me to keep on using all of the platforms that the modern era allows. I think having a mission is key to keeping your heart motivated even when your brain has to jump from one subject to another (most of the time it’s lightning fast and you must continue to outdo yourself). I have also learned an important lesson –  when you are tired learn how to rest, not to give up.


As a global fashion icon and an influencer, what is your message to all younger women out there? 

Be prepared. Study. Align yourself with the best. Look for a mentor. Have a message: define it and make it stand out in all that you do. Everything good takes time to create. Don’t be scared to start something and realize that you might need to make adjustments along the way or even start over – you only need one good idea to make it. Nevertheless, it takes all of your ideas to lead you to become the successful person you are meant to be. Finally, train yourself to cheer for other’s successes. It is all about being confident about who you are, therefore surround yourself with success stories. Good vibes always create other good vibes, and when you spread them life gives  back to you.


Your best fashion tips for an upcoming winter are?

Some winter trends are: Velvet all the way, Eighties on fire, fluffy faux fur, floral prints, gold vibes for a real queen.


Who inspired you to be so bold and determined in your career and why?

My only far away inspiration is my mentor, Daisaku Ikeda. I never met him in person though I read his words daily and he inspires me to challenge myself every day. In my daily life I have to say that I am surrounded by powerful women who want to see me succeed, my husband who cheers me up – as well as my father – when I have some moments that I feel overwhelmed (yes it happens to me too;); my mom who gives me that “look beyond” kind of thought and my mother-in-law who just gets things done. I am lucky to have learned how to listen and to look for inspiration. To all of the women and young women out there: be humble in looking for another point of view that can motivate you, be ready to constantly evolve, and be bold enough to say sorry when you realized that you have made a mistake.


How did social media help you in terms of promotion, in what way do you use social media and what are the benefits? 

Social media gave me that voice to multiply my message when I wanted to do it – without having to wait for others to allow me to do it. I always use social media to inspire, therefore even when I talk about myself, I always do so in a way I think other people might feel positively touched by. When you understand that your voice matters, when you use it to enrich others, it is at this point that social media responds. Give before you ask.


What are your next projects to date and what can we expect from you in the future?

I am getting ready for my first TV show in America – it is requiring a lot of my attention. Onward to bigger and better things. I never settle, so if there is one thing you can expect from me it is to see me as an even stronger version of myself. My personal rule is that I want to surprise who loves me, and you should try to follow this rule too. Surpass yourself, surpass your mentors and idols. Life is all about never being defeated.


Picture by Byron Purnell Of BCProductions 215
Style by Ninorta Malke
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Hairstyle by Ale Lucchetta
Make-up by Cat In The Wonderland
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