Georgia Viero on ‘Behave’, the horror film she developed and stars in


Actress, producer and writer Georgia Viero’s new horror movie, ‘Behave’ is set to hit film festivals soon. The supremely creepy story focuses on a group of young people in London who are pursued by a mysterious entity after their friend dies. Georgia co-produced the film along with her partner, actor Christian Vit, and director Francesco Gabriele. Georgia, who is multilingual and learnt her craft in Italy, comes back and forth to the UK. Here she talks about the joy of making a scary film, mastering an RP English accent, and the famous actors who inspire her.

Tell us about your new film, ‘Behave’. 

“I’m excited about ‘Behave’: a horror-mystery movie with elements of slasher that was filmed before Christmas and is currently at the post-production stage. It should be ready by the end of June and then hit the major film festivals for its genre. I created and developed the idea, and the screenplay was written by the super-talented Dan Sproson. It has a 90s vibe, it’s very intense and cruel – to be honest, when we were filming I was disturbed by it! I’m warning you… But our team was amazing and it was an absolute joy to work on. You can see more details here:” 

Photo credit: Davide Sansone

How did you get started in the film industry?

“I studied acting in Rome, and I had my first experiences in Italy, acting in theatrical productions, movies and TV series. I have particularly great memories of filming ‘Don Matteo’, which was the most popular TV series in Italy for years. I got the chance to have an amazing chat with the actor Terence Hill [who stars in the series] – I really admire him from a professional and personal point of view. He was very inspiring and helpful with my performance. Then, a few years ago, I spent some time in London and I found the local acting scene more vibrant; I thought it might suit me better. So to widen my horizons and to have more opportunities I also started to act in English, French and Spanish, all languages I speak fluently. To improve my ‘RP’ English accent, I work with my vocal coach, David Gwillim.”

What else have you worked on?

“As a producer, the web series ‘Le Tifose’ was my kickstarter in Italy, where I aimed to bring a female comedy touch to the Italian soccer world. And I enjoyed co-producing ‘Behave’ so much that I got the idea to develop and invest in a series of micro-budget horror movies. I love to work with young talent and with established actors too, in order to create the best possible mix. The UK independent film industry is prolific and projects like this have a good chance to thrive here. I’ve written a few film scripts as well, and I can’t wait to turn them into movies. At the moment I’m working on a couple of scripts with actress Stacy Thunes, and we’re also producing a fantasy short movie that she wrote.”

Photo credit Azzurra Primavera

What would be your ideal character to play as an actress?

“I consider myself a versatile actress and I’d love to explore different genres. l’ve always been attracted by the villains, and I love period drama. Playing in a biopic, interpreting the life of someone who really existed, would also be a dream.”

Who inspired you to become an actress?

“I admire many actors and actresses, but I’d particularly like to mention Sir Anthony Hopkins and Toni Collette. I think they are the most amazing talents I’ve ever seen on screen. Their energy is so brilliant and it goes straight to my soul… they have a terrific method. They always deliver performances that exceed the audience’s expectations.” 

Featured photo credit Azzurra Primavera