Interview with an actress Audrey L’Ebrellec


Audrey LEbrellec is an actress, originally from France,  known for Elizabeth I (2017), Midnight on the Borough (2018) and The Catch (2018). She first started acting in France where she  did TV and stage works. Then she moved to London because she wanted to start an international career and  Audrey thought London would be a good start. And it was! Not long after, she got her role as Mary, Queen of Scots in TV series Elizabeth I.


Audrey appeared in the TV series as Mary Queen of Scots. She really loves period drama and she had an absolute blast working on it: “My dresses were so beautiful, even if I wasn’t a big fan of the corsets.” Audrey had the chance to play Mary Queen of Scots from her early 20s to her execution, which gave her a nice range to play.



“I was really excited to play a historical character, I’ve made lots of researchers to try to understand her better and why she participated in the plots she was accused of. I have also been really lucky to work with an incredible team. The cast and crew were absolutely lovely and everybody did a great job.”


How does it feel to have a role as Mary, Queen of Scots in Elizabeth I TV series?


I was so happy when I received the news that I would be playing Mary Queen of Scots. She is an important historic character and I was honored to play her.


Elizabeth I was also nominated and been shortlisted for best drama category at the National TV Awards. Your thoughts on the news?


I was so delighted when I heard the news. I am so proud to have been part of this series because everybody did an amazing job on it and the result is absolutely great. All the cast and creatives have been really happy about the news.



Can you tell us about your other recent projects and accomplishments?


I played in a one-woman show at the Edinburgh festival this year, which was a very challenging and wonderful experience. The play was called “Evocation” and sets in 1920. It follows the journey of a young traumatised girl through poetry, straight theatre, and puppetry. I will play the show again in London at the Bridewell Theatre in February 2018, and I am really looking forward to it. Then beginning of the year, I should be filming the pilot for a new series called “The Catch”.

 Photo  credits by Chris Holt