Hollywood Premiere acting coach Bernard Hiller about Golden Globes Awards


Bernard Hiller is the premiere Hollywood acting coach – recommended by Leonardo DiCaprio and other superstars, his revolutionary technique has created artistic leaders around the world.

Being an actor/artist, you need to be focused and determined, but that’s easier said than done. Facing that much rejection causes a lot of frustration, insecurity, and hopelessness.


Celebrity Photographer Talli Song Roth coming to class

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Bernard Hiller teaches his revolutionary, successful acting techniques all over the world. His #1 book Stop Acting – Start Living is now available in six languages. Samuel L. Jackson admitted he liked this book so much that he gave it to his wife to read as well. And he is not the only one to recommend Bernard Hiller, Al Pacino was one of the actors who joined Bernard in one of his master classes. He loved spending time with his actors in class, Pacino said they were amazing.


Celebrities start – up


He helped Cameron Diaz to take off her career, as well as other actors’ careers by showing them how to discover their true talent. Cameron was one of the first actresses who thanked Bernard for starting her career, she said she couldn’t do it without him.  By teaching them how to overcome all their blocks and fears, he also helps them find the joy and excitement of their journey.


British actors


As it goes for British actors, Bernard says that they are very well trained. Most importantly, it’s their attitude. They are easy going and kind. You want to be around them. Well known British actor Jeremy Irons was another one of the A list actors who joined Bernard in his acting workshops.


As an acting coach, what was the most important thing you were focused on at the Golden Globe Awards and why?


As a Hollywood acting coach, I was very pleased with the acting choices made by the Hollywood Foreign Press. Francis McDormand, Sam Rockwell, Gary Oldman, Allison Janney and James Franco were all deserving of their awards. I recommend everyone see those performances.


What was the atmosphere like when most of the women wore black regarding #TimesUp revolution?


In general, the mood was very upbeat. People really wanted to enjoy themselves after a difficult past 4 months. Since men generally don’t really notice women’s dresses, women wearing black was understood to be a protest against sexual harassment. Long overdue. The catch phrase was the “TimesUp.”  That said, the black dresses and the symbolism they conveyed, did not stop the women (and everyone) from being enthusiastic about the show.


The Queen Is Here!

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How does it feel to be surrounded by so many talented Film and TV artists?


When I’m surrounded by so many creative people it inspires me to achieve more. Hollywood is the only place in the world where dreamers are welcome. I spoke to Michelle Pheiffer, Guillermo Del Toro, Sam Rockwell, and the Golden Globe-winning composer Alexandre Desplat, with some of whom I have worked over the years.  I had also had the good fortune to spend some time with the Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin who will come to my upcoming Masterclass.


Who were the artists who made the most impact on you at the awards?


Stars are very nice and always ask for help. Average people never ask for help, which is why they will never succeed as much as they could. The 2 most very powerful moments for me at the show were: (1) the incredible Oprah speech regarding the empowerment of woman; and (2) the appearance of Kirk Douglas. Seeing this 101-year-old legend was truly amazing. I have always loved his passion and intensity.


You correctly predicted the winners so many times in the media were you right this time as well?


I think the Golden Globes gave an opening to the 3 Billboards movie to start getting some serious attention. People didn’t think that movie would win.  I still believe that The Shape of Water will win the Academy Awards for best picture.  Start making great art and one day you will win one of these.  See you there next year!



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