Latest shots in Roma for the film “The race of Love“ produced by Enrico Pinocci with Ciara Hanna, Thomas Gipson and Blanca Blanco


Finish at Roma and the Vallelunga racetrack the filming of “The Race of Love”, a romance genre film, produced by Enrico Pinocci’s Movie On Production, directed by Alfio D’Agata, with an international cast headed by Ciara Hanna (after the successes with the romance genre films “Stars Fell Again“ and Stars Fell on Alabama”), Thomas Gipson (Templation Island – series, What Lies Behind the Walls), Blanca Blanco (Star Trek Equinox, Mission Possible) and the Italian actors Letizia Pinocci, Vincenzo Bocciarelli and Romano Pigliacelli.

It is the story of a world-famous American racing driver Phil Bradley who in the Grand Prix Finals Championship will challenge other drivers who are also the strongest in the world but all coming from other categories. Phil starts as the favorite but in the last races he is overtaken by the driver Werner Fink who is just a few points behind him in the standings. Everything will be decided in the last race, where thanks to a spectacular performance by a young driver, Phil will manage to win the title.

Outside of his sporting adventures, there are two women in his life: Nancy, a journalist, his childhood friend, and Jenny, curator of the most important international motoring programme, who will unexpectedly become his great love.

The official release of the film will be in June 2024 in US cinemas, after the international premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

Movie On is currently in pre-production on four other films: two romance films “The Strength Love“, “The Best Love Recipe“ and two thrillers “The New Joker”, “11.11 It’s Time“.