Producer Enrico Pinocci signs international agreements to produce 16 new films


2024 and 2025 are set to be bumper years for Italian film producer Enrico Pinocci, who has entered international partnership agreements to produce 16 films, with a total budget of over $45m. Pinocci has 30 years’ experience in the entertainment industry and is the founder of production and film distributor company Movie On Pictures (he has previously produced 2018’s ‘Mission Possible’ and ‘6 Children & 1 Grandfather’). The upcoming films will be shot in the United States, Brazil, Italy, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates, after the agreement with Kelmer International Business Consultants Group and Omnia Consultancy. Movie On is currently in pre-production of the first films of the project – the romances ‘Falling In Love In Venice’, ‘The Strength Of Love’ and ‘The Best Love Recipe’ and two thrillers, ‘The New Joker’ and ‘11.11 It’s Time’. Here he talks about his most recent project, the motor-racing romance ‘The Race Of Love’.

Tell us about the latest film you’ve produced, ‘The Race Of Love’?

“It’s a romantic film set in the world of motor racing and is currently in post-production – I also wrote the screenplay for it. It’s the story of an American racing driver and his challenges on the track, but it’s also about how we all hope and look for a soul mate, but often even if we find it, coincidences can happen that put a distance between us. In this case, that’s work commitments, and the frenetic pace of both protagonists’ lives. But just when everything seems lost, great love finds its natural course. 

Who’s involved in the film?

The film is directed by Alfio D’Agata, with an international cast led by Ciara Hanna (‘Stars Fell Again’, ‘Stars Fell on Alabama’), Thomas Gipson (‘Temptation Island’, ‘What Lies Behind the Walls’), Blanca Blanco (‘Star Trek Equinox’, ‘Mission Possible’), Letizia Pinocci, Vincenzo Bocciarelli, Romano Pigliacelli and Claudia Motta. The official release of the film will be in June 2024 in US cinemas, after the international premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival and the Italian premiere in Rome.”

The film’s about motor racing; how did you film that?

“We had an agreement with PNK Motorsport and used the Vallelunga racetrack for the final scenes. The film’s other locations were Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, London and Monaco. Given the positive response to ‘The Race Of Love’, we are making another film set in the world of motor racing, in the action thriller genre.” 

Which other films have you got in pre-production?

“The romances ‘The Best Love Recipe’ and ‘Falling In Love In Venice’, the action thriller ‘Against The Time’, the crime thriller ‘The New Joker’, and ‘Databreak’.”

You’ve had a long career; which famous film and TV professionals have you worked with?

“I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Russell Crowe, John Savage, Burt Young, Monica Bellucci, James Duval, Gina Gershon, and the directors Dario Argento and Takasci Shimizu.”