‘The Race of Love’ movie arrives at the Cannes Film Festival


The film has its world premiere on Friday 17 May at Cinéma Olympia

CANNES – ‘THE RACE OF LOVE’ arrives at the Marché du Film of the Cannes Film Festival. The film, a romance, is produced by Enrico Pinocci and directed by Alfio D’Agata, with an international cast: Ciara Hanna ( ‘Stars Fell On Alabama’, ‘Stars Fell Again’, ‘Power Rangers Megaforce’), Thomas Gipson (‘Love’s Fast Lane’, ‘Burning Little Lies’), Blanca Blanco (‘Eye for Eye’, ‘Betrayed’), Letizia Pinocci (‘Mission Possible’, ‘6 Children & 1 Grandfather’) and Harmony McElligott (‘You Can Do Better’,’ Life Whack’).

The protagonists of the film are James, who’s single by choice, and Judy, whose work makes her relationships difficult and complicated. After a series of coincidences that bring them together, and more than a few twists and turns, their hearts start to open to each other.

The film has its world premiere on Friday at 6pm at the Olympia 2 cinema in Cannes.

It was shot in Los Angeles and around the evocative racetracks of Vallelunga (the main location), Misano, Rio and Monte Carlo.

Thomas Gipson, Blanca Blanco, Letizia Pinocci, Vincenzo Bocciarelli and Romano Pigliacelli will be at the screening.

Movie On Pictures is at the Marché du Film for distribution agreements for the film ‘The Race of Love’, after the success of ‘Mission Possible’, which was distributed to 83 broadcasters and 40 territories.

Upcoming films are: The Strength of Love (romance) currently in production, Against Time (action crime thriller), The New Joker (action crime thriller), All Need For A Kiss (romance), The Dog of Christmas (romance), and Falling in Love in Venice (romance).