Tyler Gallant stars in new horror thriller, ‘Blind’


New movie ‘Blind’ is an unusual slasher/romance hybrid, which its makers describe as “an art-house style thriller that has a very 80s feel”. 

It’s the story of Hollywood actress Faye (Sarah French), who loses her eyesight and tries to gain her confidence and her life back with the help of her two friends. Her friend Sophia (Caroline Williams) was born blind, and her love interest and life coach Luke (Tyler Gallant) is mute. Sophia tries to help Faye adjust to her new life and she also encourages a relationship to develop between Faye and Luke.  

Luke is focused on trying to help Faye find happiness and confidence, while also developing a crush on her. However Faye and her friends don’t know that she has a dangerous stalker fan, ‘Pretty Boy’ (Jed Rowen), who decides he wants Faye all to himself and that no one will stand In his way…

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‘Blind’ is the brainchild of dynamic writer/director team Marcel Walz and Joe Knetter. It’s already had a great response from horror fans and non-horror fans alike in the indie and mainstream film world. It’s been sold to 20 territories through streaming, VOD and Blu-ray/DVD, and has been reviewed in ‘Entertainment Weekly’, ‘Deadline Hollywood’, ‘Bloody Disgusting’, ‘SyFy Wire’, ‘Screen Rant’ and many others. 

Tyler Gallant plays Luke, a trainer and life coach for impaired people, who is himself mute. Gallant said:

“This was a challenging role to play a mute character and have my whole performance based on my physical acting and no use of dialogue.”

Tyler Gallant

“I loved studying and learning more about mute people and how inspiring they are.” 

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Gallant added that he learned a lot about how we take our ability to communicate verbally for granted. He said: “This role really helped me explore the physical side of my performance. Working with this talented group was an absolute blast and everyone brought their A game. I look forward to working with these guys again in the future.”

The film was shot in Los Angeles at director Marcel Walz’s house in the Hollywood Hills. The script came together through a dream that Walz had and – it was then penned by writer Joe Knetter in just a few days and the production was wrapped five weeks later. 

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Walz said:

“It was a great experience – a group of friends came together on a $30k budget to make a unique film, have fun and we made it happen.”

Marcel Walz

“It’s been very exciting and so cool how it’s all come together and the excitement we have had surrounding the film. Thanks to all of you who have watched the film and given us such support!” 

‘Blind’ is out now on various streaming platforms, with more to come in the coming months. The easiest and quickest way to watch ‘Blind’ is on Amazon Prime.  

Next up for Gallant is the release of action film ‘Obscura’ (Jerry Angelo, Joe Lujan and Grant Janes co-direct) which will be out in 2021. Gallant, who is of indigenous American/Canadian heritage, plays his first indigenous character, Apache: a tough outlaw biker with a heart, who is part of outlaw biker club The Red Dragons. Then Red Dragons soon run into trouble with the government and a force that might not be of this world…

Apache speaks indigenous language in the film and it meant a lot to Gallant to honour his proud heritage, as there are not a lot of indigenous characters in movies. Gallant did all his own fight and weapons stunts in ‘Obscura’ and he also owns and rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

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