London Film and Comic Con happened at Olympia this weekend


And it was another amazing Comic Con in London (LFCC), organized by Showmasters this past weekend.

Doctor Who fans certainly had a blast, as they had an opportunity to meet not just one, but 9 Time Lords, including Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, David Bradley, Peter Davison and Paul McGann.

Among our favourite guests were the Aquaman, Jason Momoa; X-Files star David Duchovny (let’s not forget he’s super talented, as, next to an Actor, he is also “actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter”) and Steven Seagal, one of the Supermans – Tom Welling (his Smallville screen dad was also there – John Schinider) and Chucks’ Zachary Levi, who has a DC movie Shazam coming out next April.

Comics enthusiasts (oh, let’s call ourselves Geeks) had a chance to browse among huge number of merchandise stalls and exhibitors, the Cosplays, as usual were wonderful.

The panels with actors are always fun to listen, and it’s particularly exciting for fans to interact with the stars of their favourite shows, asking questions and perhaps even get a DVD – David Duchovny was giving out some, preferably of course to anyone who was praising him and his work (in extensive way). So shallow, you might think, but this just shows David’s great sense of humour and we cannot hold that against him!

Zachary Levi’s talk was absolutely fabulous (for real, not the show), he was talkative, humorous and so humble, that it was refreshing. Over half an hour of constant laughs, he even hugged a fan asking the last question, showing what a nice person he’s in real life. He’s certainly aware that, without fans, the actors might not be worth much, and he makes sure to show the gratitude.


Showmasters again did a very good job making sure to get us a great list of guests and see everything run smoothly. This, however, was not the case as there were some unexpected cancelations, but such is life and the best they could do was keep going.


We had a blast at Comic Con and are definitely looking forward to the next ones coming up in UK (we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on).