Interview with Hollywood fashion designer Lisseth Corrao


Lisseth Corrao is a Hollywood fashion designer, best known for her amazing attractive and elegant gowns and other luxurious creations.

What Inspires Your Fashion?

I am inspired by the shape and beauty of a woman’s body.
I really like to emphasize and enhance the best parts of the female figure. For example, I like to create a slimming look in the waist, while enhancing the shoulders and helping elongate the legs. I love making legs look their best. Solving these fashion challenges for women is what truly inspires me

Tell me about your fashion beginnings?

I love this question, As a young girl, I would spend my summer vacations with my Grandmother. She owned a small retail store and She would make the clothes to sell in her store. She would also make clothes for our family. She taught me how to make patterns and sew. I would help her make dresses, blouses and all different kinds of garments. As I learned, I started making clothes for my dolls, then soon my friends. I really owe it all to my grandmother and my aunt Gloria

What makes your fashion designs unique?

There are a number of things that make my designs unique, first, I take care to enhance the female shape and bring out the best parts of each body I fit. I also spend time on fabric textures and patterns. When you put on the cocktail dress or evening gown the first thing is how it makes you feel as a woman. You get so many of your senses involved, sight, touch, emotion. I really think I do this in a comprehensive way.


Color is another thing I take extra care with. I make sure that every woman gets the right color for their skin and body type and of course the right season. I also try to add something a little different a little edgy to each piece. It could be the shoulder or the open back, or the slit exposing just enough leg to be sexy but not risqué, I may add a zipper or an elaborate clasp. I pay special attention to all these small details. Fashion is a voice, it is like walking into a room and saying who you without even speaking


Your designs are both attractive and classy, how do you balance that?

Ah ha, you are getting my secret! I approach every design with my own compass, sexy but not risqué. I take care to only show enough to make the woman feel alive, young and beautiful and then ok, now let’s make this classy enough that you could attend a state dinner or cocktail party. I am constantly keeping those two ideas in harmony.


How did you prepare yourself for your fashion show at NYFW?

We were working for about 8 months in our collection, but not exactly to show on NYFW this year.Although NY has a nice place in my heart, our plans were a little bit different. However, we heard about this New Yorker well-established fashion company and decided to give it a try. Having, all times, fashion designer icon Carolina Herrera, sitting on the first raw was without a doubt one of the best experiences I ever had!


Which celebrities would like to dress for the Academy Awards and why?

I would enjoy dressing Kristen Stewart who I really admire as she works with an organisation that raises money for victims of human trafficking by selling donated shoes online and of course Demi Moorewho aims to raise awareness about and eliminate child abuse slavery worldwide by changing cultural stereotypes. To me, beauty is only skin deep; how people impact the world with love and compassion are more meaningful.


Photo credit with yellow gown: Gary Verholtz
Photo credit: The purple gown photo and photo with the 3 models: George Arguelles