Actress Charlie Blackwood Reveals 5 Beauty Tips to get Camera Ready!


Charlie Blackwood is an actress known for her lead performance as “Rachel” in “Matriarch”, the successful Lionsgate horror movie available on Amazon Prime and Sky Store. She also plays the role of “Athena – The Boss” in sci-fi thriller “Clay’s Redemption” coming out soon, and is currently filming her second lead role in sci-fi horror “Toxica”, scheduled for release in 2021. As an actress, Charlie tries to keep her skin looking at its best, as part of her job is to always be camera ready, whether that’s filming on set or at a photoshoot. She shares her 5 simple beauty tips here that always help her feel prepared and camera ready. 

Tip 1:

Exfoliate. This is a very important step for both face and body to give your skin a smooth, fresh glow. Ideally I do this the night before or the morning of a shoot, depending on how early it is!  Exfoliating means successfully unclogging your pores and it also boots circulation. Exfoliating also evens the skin tone, which is very beneficial for women who have dark spots or any other problems with pigmentation. 

Tip 2:

Take a cold shower. For the last minute or two turn the shower to as cold as you can bear and stay there for as long as you dare! This works wonders not only in giving your skin an illuminating glow for the rest of the day, but it also makes you feel awake and refreshed, ready to take on the world! It is very important for the body to feel energised, and has great results on your skin as well, not to mention the benefit of the cold shower boosting your immune system. 

Tip 3:

Use a serum.

“I find serums to be an invaluable part of my daily routine and invest in these more than I do my actual face cream.”

They’re great for providing the skin with antioxidants and hydration and I always notice if I’ve skipped this part of my routine as my skin looks duller and less vibrant without them. Serum also reduces any sings of fatigue, smoothing the face and usually has a nice texture and is very easy to apply on the skin. It has numerous benefits for the skin and it is a very important step in the skincare routine. 

Tip 4:

Use a good highlighter. These are great at creating a brightness to your look, especially for a photoshoot. Be careful not to overdo it for the camera though as you don’t want too much shine going on. I tend to just add a little above my cheekbones and cupid’s bow. This gives a fresh and illuminating look. Highlighter makes you look well rested, even when you are tired from a long day at work. 

Tip 5:

Powder: I always make sure I have a translucent loose or pressed powder with me, especially if I’m going to be on camera. Not only does it give your makeup a flawless look, it also prevents shine, and is the essential finishing touch to your camera ready look! The reason I also use the face powder is because it helps my make up last longer, which is perfect for any long night shoots for film.

Featured photo credit: Oihane Molinero