London Actor makes a hit on Bollywood Film set with Diljit Dosanjh


London based actor Alex Reece is making waves in all the right ways in Bollywood. India biggest film release of 2018, SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT, stars DILJIT DOSANJH as the hero up against ALEX REECE as the lead villain, a troublemaking soldier in this 1st World War Drama.


Soon after starting filming, lead actor Diljit Dosanjh, a social media, TV, and cinema icon beloved by millions, posted photos of Alex on Social Media, saying ‘Alex is a great actor’, ‘ Alex – you are our fav!’

Director Pancaj Batra, who has a string of Blockbuster Cinema hits to his name, agreed, saying after an intense scene in the trenches ‘Alex is my main man’, he brings real life to the character, it’s not like watching an actor, it’s real’.


Alex attributes his success to his training and yoga practice, turning up early every day, and going through several sets of vigorous kundalini yoga sequences. Alex says ‘ the yoga builds my energy and positivity and makes me ready for anything. It’s about keeping agile and focussed, both mentally and physically, so that I’m ready to deliver whatever is required at a moments notice’

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It’s no surprise that Alex made such an impression as a hell-raising soldier, he gave up a commission in the British Army and left University in order to join the French Foreign Legion, and later traveled all over the world studying exotic martial arts and learning languages and he’s fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Not that it’s all rough tough stuff, Alex also learned healing skills on his travels and is qualified Shiatsu Massage teacher and Yoga Teacher.

Big Budget cinema success is nothing new to Alex, he made his cinema debut acting with 007 Daniel Craig in the James Bond SKYFALL commercial for Heineken, playing an assassin who chased 007 all through the Orient Express Train.


As well as starring in Sajjan Singh Rangroot, Alex is the international actor to watch in 2018, appearing in German Comedy Horror Sky Sharks; Scottish 1979 period film Schemers tipped to rival trainspotting as a cult success; and he’s the leading man, starring in Spanish Director Ignacio Maiso’s Debut feature Prowler set for release mid 2018.


Keep up with Alex on Instagram and twitter @alexreeceactor

Photo by Martin J Thomas – © Martin J Thomas