Once Upon a Time – All that was revealed in the mid-season finale


7th season of Once Upon a Time has been quite different from the previous seasons and pretty much resembled the beginning of the show, with a casted curse, a kid who believes the stories from a fairy tale book are true, so he finds his parent to come and save the characters from some kind of evil queen. Except now Henry is the father, his daughter the kid, and the evil is a witch, not a queen.

From the regular cast, only 3 actually remain, Hook, Regina and Gold, while Henry, although the same character, is all grown up and replaced with an adult actor (Andrew J. West), of course.

We still get to see the rest of the bunch in flashbacks, but as the story is now focused on adult Henry and his family, new characters come to play.

The last episode finally provided us with answers we were waiting for, like who casted the curse and why it can’t be broken.


We already knew from previous episodes, that there’s a reason why Regina, although awake and aware of the course, cannot let Henry know the truth and break the curse.

On Lucy’s eight birthday, Gothel and her evil coven of witches show up to save Drizella, who was turned to stone on Lucy’s birth, and to warn our heroes that the curse is coming.

To stop it from happening, Regina seeks help of Zelena, who lives in another realm with her now adult daughter Robin. Zelena tells her that the dark witches with Gothel are the “Coven of Eight”, but she believes together they can defeat them.

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Meanwhile, Henry and Ella make a plan to use a magic tree for Henry and Lucy to travel to the land without magic and wake everyone else up, since they won’t be affected by the course. Of course, things don’t go according to the plan, but Henry manages to give the storybook to Lucy and is then captured by the coven of witches, while Lucy escapes back to Ella.

The witches poisoned Henry and the only way he can be safe is to send him to the land without magic. It seems that Drizzela and Gothel need Regina to cast the spell, and since it’s the only way to save Henry, she has no other choice than do it.

We also find out that Rumple gave the chipped cup to Alice, and told her it’s the key to waking him up once the cast is cursed. If it doesn’t work, she needs to shoot him – now we know why she did so in  an earlier episode.

The highlight of the episode was the love story between Alice and Robin. Once Upon a Time gave us an lesbian love story and seems like fans praise them for that. It will be interesting to see how the story evolves in the land without magic, as according to Alice, they will always know each other, even if they won’t realize it.

Another jewel was Hook’s sacrifice, when he gave the white elephant, the only chance he had to stay together with his daughter in new realm, to Ella, so she could be with Lucy. This really shows what a good person Hook actually is. He got the elephant from Rumple, who couldn’t prevent the course to be cast, but gave him the elephant so Alice and Hook could be father and daughter in our world.

So, Regina casts the dark course, and we’re back to Hyperion Heights.

Now with awaken Anastasia, Drizella gets to know the real Gothel when she betrays her and instead of Drizzela getting all Anastasia powers, the roles are reversed.

Gothel later shows Anastasia the robes, worn by the Coven of the Eight, telling her she will find the women who are meant to wear them.

According to Waever (Rumple), the symbol we were seeing through the last couple of episodes has to do with the coven, and the witches meant to wear the robes, are already in the neighborhood.

All this time Lucy is still in the hospital and Regina, after seeking help from Zelena also in this realm, realizes that Henry kissing Lucy (true love’s kiss) did not break the curse, she is torn between saving Lucy’s life by breaking the course and risking Henry’s doing so.

The second half of season 7 returns on March 2nd, and after an episode like this, we are anxious to see what it will bring.