Interview with Urszula Makowska, fashion blogger, influencer, stylist and more


Urszula Makowska is a growing social media influencer, full time fashion blogger, and actress born and raised in the heart of New York City. Growing up in Brooklyn, she attended dance class for five years and completed her certificate in acting. As an actress, she is best known for my role on MTV’s show Catfish Season 5B Episode 1: Lucas & Many. Since the episode aired, MTV filmed a follow up with Urszula Makowska in February of 2017, adding the footage into the original episode. Through her blog, she has affiliated and partnered with major brands such as Aveda, NYLON, Amika, Christian Dior, LA MER, I SAW IT FIRST, Cartier, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Daniel Wellington, and many other brands. What was once known as Fash Fab, soon became re-branded to Urszulala. The blog took a step into the darker side of fashion. The darker and edgier look has grown the blog’s popularity. The bold eye brows and cat eyes are her signature look. Furthermore the blog has expanded into beauty, lifestyle, and travel that has inspired others. 


Urszula, you have so many followers and influencing people around the world. What was your biggest inspiration to become a fashion blogger?


I first started blogging in 2012 and since then I’ve come a long way, but I initially started blogging because I really wanted to see how my style transition throughout the years. It was really a personal journal for me where I felt free about sharing my daily fashion inspirations, outfits, and tips with viewers with the hope of inspiring someone out there. At the time, I just started working on my Bachelor’s degree in Visual Merchandising at LIM College and my love for fashion really encouraged me to step into this world. I wanted to be creative and this was my way of unleashing my creativity. It has been quite a journey, but looking back it was the best decision I have ever made and I do not regret it.

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For people interested in becoming influencers, what is your biggest advice to them?


I would definitely say, be original and be authentic. This affects your brand image and this is what you want to work on. The market is very saturated now. Luckily, I started years ago and got one of my first biggest sponsorships from NYLON Magazine. Also, engage, engage, and engage. Engagement is extremely important. I would often read the posts on the Social Blue Book, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and Hootsuite for Instagram tips. I definitely recommend reading those sites. Last, but not least network and collaborate. This is extremely important in every industry.


The best fashion advice you ever gave is…


Do not be afraid to make a statement. This is my favorite piece of advice. So many people are terrified of mixing prints or pairing different items together because they assume it looks weird or funny. I personally like making a statement and I actually encourage you to make that statement. Be different and embrace your individuality through your style.


How do you connect your personal life with blogging?


I am a fulltime merchandiser, actress, fashion blogger, and influencer. I honestly have to say my personal life became all about this and I absolutely love it. I have a very strong passion for everything I do and I grew up surrounded by art. I am always shooting with photographers, creating outfits, attending events, or partnering with brands. I love this and this is what makes me happy at the end of the day.


What would you say is the main difference in fashion Europe/America?


Fashion differs from country to country and from culture to culture. I think the main differences between the fashion in Europe and the fashion in the United States, are our styles. You have the chic Parisian style in Paris and then the chic New York looks. It’s our senses of style that really stand out and differ.


Celebrities also have an influence on people with their fashion styles. Who is your favorite celebrity based on fashion style and why?


I definitely agree. Celebrities have a big influence on people with their fashion style, but today we even see influencers having a greater power of influencing people with their style.


As many others, there are celebrities I love based on their style. It’s hard to pick my favorite top one, but my favourite top three are Lauren Conrad, Arielle Noa Charnas, and of course Rihanna. I love Lauren Conrad for her feminine style and she has always been one of my inspirations since day one. I really wanted to study fashion after watching The Hills. I love Arielle Charnas and her Something Navy blog. I love her chic and simple style. It’s very New York and I believe my style closely resembles hers, but I have a bit more edge in mine. Lastly, Rihanna is someone I look up to as well. She is always so chic and edgy. She is always best dresses and has that element in my style.


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What could you tell us about your upcoming projects?


I actually have a lot coming up. I am always partnering with brands I love. I just partnered with the department store Century 21 and one my new favorite shoe brands Andrew Stevens Collection. I am super excited about those two collaborations. I am always reaching out to brands to work with through platforms such as Obviously.

I am also working with photographers to create new content on my Instagram and blog page. Most importantly, soon I will be launching my Youtube channel. I am extremely excited for that.



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