Lucifer Mid-Season finale – We finally meet the Sinnerman


Lucifer, the show about the Devil tired of Hell, now running a nightclub in LA and somehow turned LAPD consultant, has been on air since 2016 and just finished its mid-season finale of Season 3.

Portrayed by charming British actor Tom Ellis (anyone remembers him from Miranda?), Lucifer in this show is a likable character, with kind of a human side.

Contrary to the common belief we have about the devil, he does not make people do bad things, he just punishes them for doing it. Desire is often what drives humans to act badly, and Lucifer has a gift to force people to reveal their true desires.

Third season was focused around an unknown villain, called simply “the Sinnerman”, feared by many criminals and responsible for murders in the last episodes. The police have no identity for the man, and Lucifer is obsessing about finding him, as he was the one responsible for his kidnapping at the end of Season 2.

After the murder of a young runner for the mob who got the job thanks to Lucifer, and a seemingly unrelated  murder of a woman receiving a favour from Lucifer as well, police is finally able to close up on the Sinnerman.

Turns out the murders were a trap for Lucifer, and indeed Sinnerman manages to trap him inside a room, where even with his super strength, our devil cannot escape. He has a message for Lucifer via video camera, to which Lucifer responds that he will find out what the Sinnerman truly desire and he will destroy him.

We’re guessing this will play a role in what’s coming in the next half of the season, with all pieces coming together.

Later found by Maze, Lucifer is freed, but only after Maze finally gets her emotions out of her chest for once. While the Detective Chloe and Lucifer were focusing on solving the crime, Maze was struggling with the idea that her ex, Lucifer’s brother Amediel and her friend, Lucifer’s therapist Linda, might be having a thing. Amediel and Linda became good friends as he’s trying to fill her in on the celestial matters. She knows the truth about Lucifer and, quite understandably, she has a bit of trouble to cope. There was a funny reference to Harry Potter in the episode, when Lucifer told Linda that Angel school sorts them to different houses based on their powers and they’re all making fun of her for believing there’s an Angel school.

With the help of the Mob, who are eager to catch the guy responsible for the death of one their own, Chloe and Lieutenant Pierce finally catch the Sinnerman and bring him in.

The arrest seems all too easy though, considering he’s a criminal mastermind, able to trick the devil himself.

Perhaps it’s all part of  bigger plan, somehow connected to the tape and the final scene, when Lucifer, determined to find the Sinnerman’s deepest desire, walks into the interrogation room only to see the man has literally popped his eyes out with a pen. Lucifer’s gift only works if he looks people in the eyes and now the Sinnerman tells him he’ll “never know what I want”.

Well, let’s see if we find out once the show returns in 2018.