Actor Bradley Bowen reveals his upcoming film project


American actor Bradley Bowen talks about his work and reveals his upcoming film project

Bradley has built an extraordinary life as an actor, film producer, world-wide pro-amateur competitive surfer, Chun Kuk Do Karate World Champion and Jiu-Jitsu Medalist. He has owned his own construction company since 1994, when he was first introduced into acting and saw the unlikely parallels between construction and production. His first project was as associate producer of “Karsan, The Kurdish Story”.He then went on to co-produce “Out For Vengeance” before deciding to take a shot at becoming an executive producer.

Feature film “The Flight”

This summer (2019) Bradley is heading to France for pre-production of his feature film, “The Flight”, beginning with scouting throughout May-June and securing exterior locations with a French-based production company which has presented an outstanding locations proposal in France.  

Upcoming film “The Flight” is an action, thriller, drama set in World War II, when a World War I flying ace is sent to Germany (1938) to spy on the Luftwaffe. He must choose between saving a plane-load of Jewish children and securing critical intelligence of the Nazis’ plan for launching an all-out war on Europe. “The Flight” is based on the novel “Caledonian Skies” written by Hugh Wilson. The screenplay is written by 28x historical novelist Mohy Quandour, who is also the director. Mohy is best known for his work as director of “Bonanza”, a US Western TV series. 

Film production work

Bowen has relished the challenge of becoming an executive producer and is really energized to see the project through completion. ‘The Flight’ is his first undertaking in this senior position, confirmed when he signed a deal with author Hugh Wilson for screenplay rights to his novel ‘Calodian Skies’. 

Acting development

Brad is always working on his acting development: “I’m working in the shadows on honing my acting skills with the assistance of renowned acting coach, Karen Storms. I’m also working on developing myself as a person spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I need to bring value to production as well as creating real emotion for the viewers. That’s our job as an actor, period.”

Acting roles

Bowen played “The Jon” in “Pretty Precinct” and he also had the privilege of working on “American Made” as a US customs officer starring  Tom Cruise. He also gained notoriety for playing Viktor Romanov, a drug lord in “Out For Vengeance”, which was filmed in The Netherlands and Belgium. Last but not least, he portrayed “The Man” in “Oh Death”, a period-piece based on the poem “We Are Seven” (written by William Wordsworth) which was filmed in Cortona, Italy. 

Photo credit: Speak Friend Films