Famous Filmmaker Mrika Krasniqi: Why the Cannes Film Festival Matters


Director, writer and producer Mrika Krasniqi has found success in the filmmaking field. Named “Woman of the Year” by U.S. Congress, Mrika Krasniqi is an inspiration and role model to aspiring filmmakers.

Mrika Krasniqi has made her way to the top and has produced critically acclaimed and award-winning films such as “The Art of Cotton” winner of Best Director, “The Land of Kelmend”, winner of Best Social Documentary and Best Audience Award, “World’s Noblemen, winner of Best Social Documentary, which screened in Cannes Film Festival, “Four Chimneys” Winner of Production Award, “Soldier” winner of Best Human Artist in France and Certificate of Honor at the Producers Network at Cannes Film Festival in France. 

Beginnings in filmmaking as director, writer and producer

Can you tell us about your beginning as a filmmaker?


I believe that the key to success is making your dreams come true. I have over 20 years of experience in acting, screenwriting, film making, film directing, program managing, project implementing, founding and co-founding movie events. Initially I started producing documentary films. My first documentary film is Grounds of Art in Kosovo (2000), where I was the screenwriter and director, followed by The Art of Cotton, in the same year. In 2001 I was the screenwriter and director for: Veli Gervalla, The Groove of Hope, Do You Want a Cigar, and in 2001-2002 I was the screenwriter for the TV Series Picture, and the director and writer for Room 135 (2002).

Worked on more than 22 films in 20 years and won 10 Awards


What have been the most significant films you have done so far and had the most impact on your work?


Most of my films, be it short, feature or documentary films are significant, because of the important themes each portray.



As a filmmaker, writer and producer, it has been a wonderful experience to partake in many renowned international film festivals, including Cannes and receive appreciation and awards for my work. Definitely SoldierLand of Kelmend, and World’s Noblemen have received world-wide critical acclaim and praise, which paved my way for more prestigious work and recognition.


Why the Cannes Film Festival Matters


What connections did you make at Cannes?


The connections I made in Cannes helped me a lot. I was honored to partake at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival with two of my award-winning films “Soldier” and “World’s Noblemen”. At Cannes, I participated in a series of wonderful workshops, networking events and industry meetings, to support artists like myself in advancing their filmmaking careers. I had the opportunity to connect with my peers from the global entertainment industry and learn from some of the world’s most prominent film experts at this great international gathering, Cannes Film Festival. The networking sessions and the screenings at Cannes helped me to gain deep insights into the newest trends in filmmaking, which I can apply in my creative pursuits and add to the pride of American cinema. I am very pleased to be honored with the Best Human Artist for my film “Soldier” by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France, and to be awarded the Certificate of Honor at Producers Network at Cannes Film Festival (France) for “Soldier”. 

Winner of Woman of the Year by U.S. Congress


How did you feel when you found out you were named Woman of the Year by U.S. Congress?



Mrika Krasniqi: It is such a great honor to be named Woman of the Year by United States Congress. I would like to thank Senator Charles Schumer, for being an advocate of artists and a big supporter of filmmakers in New York. This award was given to me in 2016 as “an extraordinary woman in honor of my achievements in arts, films and business. On 21 April 2016 the Honorable US Senator Charles Schumer recognized me for my international efforts to strengthen cultural and business multilateral ties between USA-Kosovo-Albania-Macedonia-Italy.” I have great respect for the American nation, and the US Capitol. This wonderful country, United States, has allowed me to pursue my dreams and passions, and I would like to use my talents in filmmaking to contribute back to society and humanity.

Next Projects to date


What are some of your recent/upcoming projects?


Mrika Krasniqi: My 2018 feature film “Proof” is currently in post-production, and I have plans for a few feature film titled “Nik“. I am the director, screenwriter and co-producer of Proof, and in Nik, I serve as the screenwriter and co-producer.

I also wrapped up a successful edition of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, which took place at Kaufman Astoria Studios (www.iffny.com). We received 500 world-wide applications and we just announced the Grand Jury Prizes. 

I am also getting ready for the next edition of International Screenwriting Competition (ISC), which awards financial prizes to talented writers. In our last edition we received over 2,000 applications. The competition is open as of June 1, 2018. More information can be found on my company website www.nilproduction.net about the rules and how to apply.