Once Upon a Time is back, and it’s for the last time



It looks like the magic is finally over, and Once Upon a Time will be ending its fairytale this seventh, season for real.


Variety reported that the network decided to pull the plug on the show, and there will be no season 8 after all.

While fans were optimistic due to a completely new setting and storyline of the last season, it seems that the show has run its course. The show just returned after the break on March 2nd with the second half of season 7, and the finale will air in May.

Entertainment president Channing Dungey of  ABC stated that for 7 years the shows creators Adam Horrowitz and Eddy Kitsis

“have captivated us with their creativity and passion while reimagining some of our most beloved Disney fairytales, creating an undeniable global hit. Saying goodbye will be bittersweet, but ‘Once Upon a Time’ will forever be part of the ABC legacy, and we can’t wait for fans to join us in this epic final chapter.”

Adam and Eddy admitted to be disappointed, but they are grateful for the 7-season run and the fact that they managed to end the show as they wished.

At least the show did not get cancelled without a proper ending. We are certainly happy for that. There were rumors that the show will end with season 6 last year and after it didn’t happen, the possibility of cancellation, at least in fans’ perspective, seemed to vanish for a while. Now, although the news is not a positive one, at least we can expect a proper happy ending, just as fairytales should be.

But let’s not forget this is OUAT, where nothing ends as expected.

Let’s enjoy the final few episodes until May, if you haven’t yet, you can of course catch them on Netflix, or get your own copy of the whole series on Amazon. 

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Check out OUAT on Etsy.com