Interview with award-winning actor Scott Butler


British-born actor Scott Butler talks about his incredible acting career and reveals upcoming projects

Despite only having been in the film industry for ten years, Scott Butler has earned huge respect and an enviable reputation as a multiple award-winning actor; with huge flexibility and a natural talent to really bring out the best in his character roles.

In 2011 he won “Best Actor – Award of Excellence” at the Canada International Film Festival and the 2009 “Best Actor” at the Pacific Coast Theatre Company, in a debut role. Alongside serious works, his versatility was proven with his comedic role as “Jack the Ripper” on the series “Hollywood Hell (2011)” which won a Regional Emmy.

His career also includes film and TV projects such as the Warner Bros release “16-Love”, starring with Lindsey Shaw and Chandler Massey; the Lionsgate Release “Wiener Dog Internationals”, starring Morgan Fairchild, Jason London and Bryan Batt and a lead role in “Holy Terror”, alongside Lisa London, Kristine DeBell and Mel Novak. To add to this impressive film-centric list, Scott also did TV projects such as “Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D.”, “The Omegas” and others. 

In this revealing interview, Scott explained to us his personal opinions: ‘where is the best place to be as an actor’, for example and some interesting insight into his acting beginnings, plus his future film projects. 

Scott, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?

When I was seven I did a school nativity play, taking the lead role as Jesus. We had this small wooden stage with steps either side of it. When it came to my first scene, I tripped up the stairs, sliding on my belly across the stage, down the other stairs and under the principle’s chair. I got nicknamed “Flying Jesus” for years after that.

In December 2008, then living in San Diego, I was laid off in the recession. Around March 2009, I decided to look for something, actually anything else to do – while continuing to look for full-time, regular employment. I found a class in San Diego that looked good. I called them up and scheduled a day to come in and audit the class and then I made the big move to LA in 2011.

Where do you think is the best place to be as an actor and why?

Most cities in the US have a small indie film community, but to pursue acting seriously you need to be in Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta; or in London for the UK market. For me, I think starting in a small city, helped me grow more confident before moving to the bigger centres. Atlanta is now having local actors fill much larger recurring roles. Definitely keep an eye on other markets that have similar film incentives.

What are your best projects to date?

“16-Love” did really well and had some amazing stars in it. “Wiener Dog Internationals”, starring Morgan Fairchild, Jason London and Bryan Batt was a lot of fun. I loved working on the horror movie “Holy Terror”, which was a layered complex role and I honestly loved diving deep into it.

How did acting change your life?

I think something was missing from my life, which is maybe why I decided to move to the US and start anew. I’d always been quite introvert too, very shy as a kid (I’m not sure acting would have worked for me back then). Acting has allowed me to express myself a lot more and I’ve honestly enjoyed every project I’ve worked on and made many great new friends. So, yes, in summary, acting has truly been a life-changing experience.

Do you have any interesting Film or TV projects coming up?

I have several new movies coming up. “16-Bits” is a fun, video-game themed action horror movie that honestly is going to be a blast to make! It is partly crowd-funded and should be shooting in a few months. Also a thriller coming up with Gregory Hatanaka, who I worked with on “Holy Terror” and a sci-fi horror movie, “Attack of the Unknown”, starring Tara Reid and Richard Grieco.

I also have a big announcement coming next month, so watch this space!

Photo credit: “Whitley Films”