COVER STORY: 5 questions with actress and VIP PR London founder Sabrina Nolan


We asked Sabrina to answer every question with an explanation. She shared some interesting details with us.


Which film made you cry?

Uh, there are a lot of those. 🙂 Recently I watched Pretty woman, the film I actually never watched before! Richard Gere character was just too good to be true. 🙂 So romantic. And I can always cry watching Silver Linings Playbook or Titanic. 🙂

Your favourite animal is…

Cats and dogs! Really cannot decide. My cat passed away not long ago and I just miss her so much, she was my favourite animal in the world, I still have a dog in Slovenia, I adore him so much. In London, I was introduced to Boston terrier breed and I have to say that I am literally obsessed with that breed, also french bulldogs and pugs. They are so cute and I follow them on Instagram and they really make me happy. I am also a big fan of some famous dogs on Instagram, hehe. 🙂 Like Little Rocky, Mac and Dot, Sophie Mae Golden and many more. 🙂

Favourite actor or actress?

I really cannot name just one. So, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Lena Headey, Julie Andrews, Bradley Cooper…it really changes time to time.

The strangest thing that happened today?

Haha, I was at the gym and one lady was making such strange voices when doing cardio, it was very funny. 🙂


Your perfect date would be…

As long as it is a “normal”, respectful, honest, kind and grown-up man who knows what he wants in life it doesn’t matter where we are. 🙂


Photo by: Julie Robinson