Brigitte Millar stars as “Dr Vogel” in James Bond movie

Brigitte Millar is a talented actress, mostly known as a bold “Dr Vogel” in Spectre. A lot of actors dream about getting a role in one of the James Bond movies. For Brigitte, these dreams came true. She showed her talent as a strong, bold, female scientist who is not afraid to show her abilities in a role as Dr Vogel, who is the only female in a meeting in a male-dominated boardroom. Brigitte is a bilingual European/English, actress, speaking fluent German and French and basic Russian. Her linguistic skills were useful in Spectre as she speaks German in the boardroom scene.


Brigitte, can you tell us about your experience in the James Bond movie “Spectre”?


I think that working alongside Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz at the iconic Pinewood Studios was such an honour and privilege. Playing Dr Vogel, a female scientist, who has to assert her authority in a male-dominated boardroom was a challenging as well as exciting experience. I particularly loved the interaction with Christoph Waltz, when he comes in and interrupts me in my speech.


How did you prepare for your role?


I wasn’t actually able to prepare much for the role, because I got my sides when I came on set for wardrobe, hair and make-up. So there wasn’t much time left before we started shooting. Also, the lines were in English, but as my character speaks German, I was asked to translate them to make it sound authentic, and that took up quite a bit of time, because I wanted to use the speech to showcase my character. Dr Vogel is a female scientist in a male dominated business world. She has to be strong and goal orientated to survive in this tough environment.


What was the most challenging thing about this role?


I was the only woman in the boardroom with around 120 men and at times that felt quite intimidating. But it really helped me to bring out my character’s authority.


What are your best projects to date?


Harry Potter, Spectre and of course ‘ David is Dying’ for which I received a ‘ Best Supporting Actress’ award at the New Wave International Film Festival in L.A. Also, I have just returned from Paris, where I filmed NOX, a film with Matt Passmore (The Glades/Jigsaw) in which the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, when Senator Marlowe, who has just lost the senatorial  election, starts to plan the assassination of his wife.


Do you have any interesting film or TV projects coming up?


I am waiting for a feature film in L.A. to get the green light, so fingers crossed. Also, I have the lead role in a horror trilogy called ‘ The Jaakhin’, which will be filmed in 2019.


See Brigitte as Dr. Vogel in the Spectre scene:

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